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Elaine Chambliss Dogan


Bringing a message of Love, support of family and education and taking it to the streets, I was born in St. Petersburg, Florida with a mission to share inspiring messages through figurative art.   I create to support those with a mission of cultivating communities with emphasis on love for our children and family.  

     After graduating from ITT Technical Institute with an A.S degree and working 10 years in the Civil Engineering field as a Computer Aided Drafting Designer with Bridge Engineers, I transitioned from the technical field to Supply Chain Management with a focus in entrepreneurship. With a passion for graphics, I was inspired to stretch my drafting skills and combine them with painting. In 2012 my first Mural was created on my garage door with messages of love.  Being a passionate person with the gift of encouragement and a desire to see people live better lives, I began to foster children and became an International Host mom. 

My goal is to promote an inspiring message of Hope to those encouraged by the transformational power of Art. I want to build one another up and participate in empowering one another to live a different day, and a different life. The ideas and issues presented in my work is to promote strength, share unity and family togetherness. My love for Art comes from my love for people.  From the garage door, to the canvas, to the street, I progressively express my passion for painting encouraging strength through Cultural Art.

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